The Offering

In April, Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal hosted the #SpringFlingKidlit contest and my story “A Crown for Rory” was an honorable mention in the “Warm Fuzzies” category!

I am so excited to participate in this year’s #FallWritingFrenzy, hosted by the lovely Lydia Lukidis and Kaitlyn.

This was the image that inspired me to write this story. I hope you enjoy my entry. (Shout out to my PB CPs for all the great feedback!)

image courtesy of Laura Roettiger

The Offering

By Rachell Abalos

Ina sat under a tree.


“Ouch!” She looked down and a mango rolled next to her feet. She picked it up, delighted to see her favorite fruit appear out of season.

Laughter danced around her. “I’m up here,” a voice called out.

The branches swayed and more mangoes rained down.

Impossible. “Tabi, tabi, po!” she yelled. Ina’s lola told her to say it whenever something did not feel right.

Then, a big creature with hair like dried leaves and limbs like tree trunks appeared.

It was a kapre. A trickster. A magical creature that her grandmother told stories about. “It does not want to be your friend,” her lola warned.

“Have a bite,” it said, offering a ripe mango.

She stared at the golden fruit. “Maybe…”

“Ina…” Lola’s voice echoed.

“No, thank you.”

Her mouth salivated, but she wasn’t hungry.

The kapre smirked and it offered the mango again. It peeled it with long nails, sticky juice dripping down its arm.

“Tabi, tabi, po,” Ina said once more.

“Just like your grandmother. Until we meet again.” The kapre bowed, then disappeared with a gush of wind.

Ina rushed home, but the taste of mango lingered in her mouth.

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6 comments on “The Offering
  1. Wow what a creative story, thanks for sharing for the fall writing Frenzy! I have to know, did the mango longer because she really wants it still out did she actually eat some??

  2. Anne Lipton says:

    This is such a delicious yet scary and mysterious story. Perfect for Fall. It’s fantastic how you worked a complete story arc into so few words, but I want to read more!

  3. So much fun! I was worried for Ina, but I’m glad she listened to her lola. <3

  4. KFischer says:

    I had never heard of a kapre before, and I love learning about things like that.
    It gives the shivers in the middle but is satisfyingly resolved by the end, which is my kind of “scary.”

  5. Kathy Chalas says:

    What a fun, clever story! I love that you wove a bit of Filipino folklore into your storytelling. I enjoyed it!

  6. Oooh I love hearing stories of monsters/tricksters from other cultures. This was a fun read.

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