No Excuses Here

Yes, this site is back. I'm not sure if anyone missed me. I can't believe I have so many work-in-progresses on my laptop. Not going to apologize for disappearing because I did not stop writing. I had forgotten about this site. Thank goodness for the convenience of...

The Woes of Marketing

I know it has been awhile. Like over 6 months. I wish I could say I was busy, but really, I was lazy. And now that I'm on the verge of finally self-publishing a picture book, I realized I should have kept this website up-to-date. I've been researching about marketing...

Rest in peace, Inang

Rest in peace, Inang

Three days ago, my paternal grandmother, Dorotea Reyes, celebrated her 89th birthday. I have been meaning to post something about her because she was a great inspiration in my life. I was really young when she used to live with me and my family. Both of my parents...

Collecting dust

It took me awhile to get here. For a very long time, I was convinced that the only way to prove myself as a writer was to be published by a publisher. But that day never happened (It may still happen). And I have been rejected many times. Yes, each letter, each...

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