Elf Report: A Case of Naughty or Nice

I didn’t think I would be able to write a story for Susanna Hill’s Holiday Writing Contest but thank goodness I was inspired to write one! Please enjoy my Holiday Helper’s report.

Elf Report: A Case of Naughty or Nice (250)

By Rachell Abalos

Day 1: On my first hour of duty at 0700, the two suspects, also known as Emily (6) and Thomas (8), did not brush their teeth. An adult guardian, also known as Mom (age unknown and unnecessary to this report) had commented that their “breaths smell like Fluffles.”

Day 2: On my lunch break, I encountered Fluffles in the backyard. The furry golden companion mistook me for a toy and chewed on my shoes for an hour. I will be sending an invoice to Accounting for a new pair.

Day 3: Normal behavior observed. Current position: under the couch.

Day 4: Mom and Dad (36) rearranged the living room to make space for the new tree. Fluffles distracted them while I moved to a new hiding spot.

Day 5: Emily and Thomas played tag around the Christmas tree. I was tempted to break protocols and warn them to be careful, but stayed hidden instead. They broke a few ornaments and blamed it on Fluffles. The two were sent to their respective dwellings for a “time out.” Fluffles was sent outside. He howled and whined all night.

Day 6: Thomas and Emily confessed to their crime. They were sorry for lying. Mom and Dad forgave them. Fluffles was welcomed back.

Day 7: Normal behavior observed. I considered staying for a few more days, but Fluffles might get attached to me. And vice-versa.

Final Verdict: It is my highest recommendation that Emily and Thomas be placed on the Nice List. Fluffles too.

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