Rest in peace, Inang

circa 2003 in Mississippi

circa 2003 in Mississippi

Three days ago, my paternal grandmother, Dorotea Reyes, celebrated her 89th birthday. I have been meaning to post something about her because she was a great inspiration in my life. I was really young when she used to live with me and my family. Both of my parents were working and she was more than just a babysitter to me.

Today, she passed away. I am heartbroken because my son will never get to meet such an incredible woman.

Inang (it means mother in Tagalog) raised nine beautiful children and helped raise 19 grandchildren. While my grandfather fought in wars and tended to their farms, my grandmother was the fierce leader at home.

I can only be so lucky to have half the strength and love my Inang had.

Of course, looking back at it all, it’s easy to say I wish I had more time with her. Nobody ever says they wish they had more time with someone unless it’s too late.

The last time I saw her was in 2004 when I visited Philippines. At that time, I was more concerned about tourism than actually spend time with her. It kills me right now to admit that.

For the last year, Inang¬† has been my muse. A lot of the children’s stories I have been writing have been about her. She had a great and adventurous life. I have learned more about my culture and family background just from hearing stories about my Inang.

I am sad that I will never be able to hear more stories from her. I am sad that she is gone, but I know she is happy to be with my grandfather again.

Rest in peace, Inang.

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